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Seven-year-old Wiley took flight on stage for the first time in Peter Pan and that pixie dust magic has kept him soaring ever since. From dazzling on Off-Broadway stages to working with iconic studios like HBO, Showtime, Netflix, and Amazon; Wiley's passport reads like a theatrical travelogue with stamps from NYU Tisch, London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Groundlings, and SITI Theatre Company.


An award-winning actor, movement coach, and producer, Wiley weaves empathy and ignites action in every performance. A collaborator at heart, words dance to his wit while movement unlocks deeper understanding. Beyond his dedication to theatrical storytelling and education, Wiley champions a plant-based living, advocates for accessibility, and fights for LGBTQIA+ representation in every aspect of the arts and life.

"Wiley acts with a quality of ease and I see him bringing so many dynamic aspects of himself to the stage."

- Jacquelyn Landgraf, Atlantic Theatre Company. 



"Wiley lights up the stage, using his innate sense of comedic timing to create a joyous and energetic performance."

- The Beachcomber News, in a review of Wiley's performance as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors.


"He reminds me of my grandmother." 

- Someone who also said Wiley is "extremely talented with an inspirational work ethic" but the grandmother comment is what stuck with him.

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Liz Fuller Citizen Skull Management

Eloisa De Jesus ERIS Talent Agency

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Erin Fetridge The Actors Group
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